Fly on the wall report on human nuance and folly

Did You Know There Is A Digital Shadow Following You Too?

The Digital Shadow Following You, Is Your Own... Just like your real shadow, Your digital shadow follows you wherever you go. Now, not ...
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An Emperor’s Moment | Unconscious Bias or Status Quo?

Have You Experienced An Emperor’s Moment? | TAQO on The Unconscious Biased Status Quo? You know, one of those moments when ...
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Ideas of ‘Truth’ and What is it?

What is ‘truth’ and how do you know? Things can look a lot different depending on where you are standing ...
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Material Wealth and Interest.

Mammon, Mortgage, Banks and Interest... Stripping way back to the basic ‘true essentials’ for survival. Humans need to eat, drink ...
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What Makes Us Think, What We Think, When We Think?

What is Thinking? Is thought or thinking strictly a response to our immediate environment or a situation triggered not only by ...
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