Did You Know There Is A Digital Shadow Following You Too?

The Digital Shadow Following You, Is Your Own…

Just like your real shadow, Your digital shadow follows you wherever you go. Now, not meaning to cause alarm, but there are reasonable measures you should take to vernsure that your digital shadow does not cross the wrong paths.

To think, just from the basic data your shadow leaves behind on Social Media platforms, a reasonable profile of YOU can be readily compiled, giving details that include your name, where you live or are located,  your place of work,  things you may be into, like hobbies etc.,  your age, and even your physical movements, such as checking in at an airport.

Nothing to Hide Is Every Reason to Bother!

Whilst it is easy to subscribe to the thought that if you have nothing to hide, why worry about your digital footprint or shadow? That may feel good to be able to say in words.

However what has been failed to be realised, is that your information, desirable or not, can be used in a number of ways that involve the inference of data to conclude something about you that may not be correct. In other words…

Let’s say you are searching the net for Internet Security tips for a school project and you happen to stumble on a site that shows you explicitly how to gain access to other peoples websites.

The following day, a number of websites belonging to close friends are compromised, whilst yours remain untouched. It would be understandable why everyone in your class might suspect that you may have been responsible for the breach. Especially after observing your web browser’s history.

The above provides a mild example. However, imagine a nefarious attempt, and where you friends owned multi-billion dollar worth of websites, that were held for a cash ransom. A far more serious case…

So, What Can You Do to Keep Control of Your Digital Shadow?

First of all you need to understand a little more about the different ways in which traces of your data are established. Think about, wherever you interact with the digital sphere you leave a footprint, that includes being caught on CCTV, using your loyalty or travel card – never mind the things you may get up to from your smartphone.

The only sound advice, short of completely staying away from the internet, is really,  to be careful what you do online…

Be aware of the pitfalls concerned with providing your details at any of the sites you belong, including social media, keep up to date with security news and updates, and most of all check out this site for more interesting information.

Why Would Anyone Place so Much Value in Obtaining Your Data?

The simple answer would be;  for commercial and other uses… However, it wouldn’t be fair not to elaborate – So here goes.

Businesses including the ones you probably use every day collect information about you for largely marketing purposes. That could be data used for making improvements to your experience, or, ways of defining where you are positioned in terms of the audience a business wishes to market it’s products or services to.

For many businesses having the means of targeting a specific interest of an audience is an important aspect of their overall marketing strategy.

Now do you see how whilst your data is important for providing a good online experience, it can also be used wrongly in a speculative manner.