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Humans tend to use what might be described as an extensive form of symbolic gesturing in the sense that they perform acts to encourage goodwill. Sponsored marathons, where thousands sign up for the challenge of completing a strenuous run in exchange for money to be donated towards helping a charity or cause. [TAQO]

Run Hackney Marathon

Run Hackney Marathon

Organised by GO2, the second half marathon held in Hackney took place on Sunday 10 May 2015.

The 13.1 mile race attracted over 13,000 runners of all ages and abilities. This included the 1000 plus school children that participated in the slightly separate; Vitality Run Hackney Schools Challenge.


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Of the many exhausted participants, mostly raising money for charity Mathew Kimutai was the first to cross the finish line in 1:03:21, followed by Sammy Nakoye and Anuradha Cooray.

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The early morning atmosphere was as lively as it probably would have been during the afternoon, with a mixture of people showing support – There was even; located on the paving that separated the main road, outside of the Hackney Town Hall, what appeared to  be a small band of musicians.

It was interesting to watch how the event mustered such a ‘togetherness’  and community spirit.  These ‘symbolic gestures’ go a long way…

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