TAQO Quotes and Sayings.

TAQO – Says…

TAQO – History
You can’t learn from a past you are unaware of.

TAQO – Rhetoric
They sing the words to a song they do not know well. And that’s okay. It’s when they sing loader than everyone else is the problem.

TAQO – Money’s Worth
It can all seem – so obscene:
If money is worth something, then even ‘nothing’ is NOT worthless…

TAQO – Who Are You?
What you are, is what you are, no matter where you go.

TAQO – What Matters – Zero is Everything
If everything is everything, then everything is nothing – therefore nothing means everything and everything means nothing. 

TAQO – Progress
Sometimes the best way forward is to go back and start from scratch.





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