May 22, 2015

Societal | Why Are Legal Highs Legal?

the why pill

The Difficulty with ‘Balancing the Scales of Spice’.

It’s pretty twisted how even today’s modern laws seem to inherit the type of loopholes that condemn, for example,recreational drugs, and yet, in a ‘sort of way’… support the same thing it condemns…

When there are people creating new drugs faster than they can be legislated – it is no wonder anyone can set up shop and start ‘legally’ selling synthetic drugs, such as ‘Spice’, without breaking the law.

It’s a laugh really…

Even laughing gas is freely available, or, was available (it all depends on which side of time you are reading from – lol).

Anyway, there I was, walking these London streets again. When I noticed, there must be some kind of trendy new drink, as almost everywhere I passed I would find these small, silver coloured bottles scattered on the floor.

Maybe a special alcoholic concoction? I thought.

I soon learned that these empty small bottled shaped containers once held ‘laughing gas’.

Are our youths really this sad?

Now laughs aside…and let’s ask the question;

So, what exactly is Spice?

Spice (or, sometimes called K2) is ‘fake’ marijuana that consists of compounds that mimic the effects of ‘real’ marijuana. Did you like the way I put that?

Anyway, Unlike ‘real’ marijuana, Spice can, or used to be legally purchasable from both physical brick and mortar stores as well as over the internet.

spice diamond

Now, here’s the strangest thing about laws. Laws involve the keeping of rules that manage conduct, with the intention of being fair. However, these rules are always circumvented in some way, and in this case;

By altering the composition of a controlled substance, or simply finding compounds that mimic the effects of a controlled substance. Vendors can legally sell synthetic marijuana without worrying about breaking the law.

But, why go for a synthetic drug when you have the real thing?

Well, the simple answer, in this case, is that one is legal and the other isn’t.

Plus, other benefits; Let’s just take stock of what’s going on here. So, we have a synthetic drug that is similar to marijuana, however, is legal, It’s much stronger than ‘real’ marijuana,  and it doesn’t show up in urine. I wonder if that sounds packed with benefits to you?

The bigger question Is;  does it really take legislation to recognize when something is wrong? 





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